Representative Michael Ashford

House District 44

AshfordMichael Ashford (D-44th District) is serving his fourth term in the Ohio House of Representatives. He proudly represents more than 116,000 constituents in a district wholly within the city of Toledo.

Community service has been a hallmark of Rep. Ashford’s career. He is a native of Omaha, Nebraska who graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, and has a Master’s Degree from Spring Arbor University. Rep. Ashford relocated to Toledo in 1988 as a Unit Director for the Homer Hannah Boys and Girls Club, and then later began working for the YMCA and JCC of Greater Toledo. He currently serves as Vice President of Urban Affairs for YMCA/JCC.

Representative Ashford has focused on bringing services to the community during a challenging economic climate where dwindling resources require dedication and leadership. Ashford is a former Toledo City Councilman in which he represented District 4; Ashford was first appointed to Council on January 2002, and then was honored by the support of District 4 residents in a special election and two general elections in 2003 and 2007 and served as president of Toledo City Council during 2007. He served as the chairman of the Public Utilities Committee during his Council service and campaigned for the passage of issue 79. Issue 79 was a ten-year lawsuit by U.S. EPA against the City of Toledo to address and correct aging in fracture, sewage discharge, and combined sewer overflows. The project started in 2003 and will be completed by 2018, improving the quality of water there for improving the quality of life. 
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