Did you know that Ohio is one of the few states in the U.S. that allows convicted felons to vote? All convicted felons have their right to vote automatically restored upon completion of sentence, and must register to vote. Those on probation and/or parole may register.

As long as you are not currently incarcerated, after your sentence is served, you have 30 days before the election to re-register. Unless, the felony involves an election type of conviction, like voter fraud.

Below is the Secretary of state’s voting information for re-entry citizens:

  • A person currently serving time in jail or prison for a felony conviction can neither register to vote nor vote. Additionally, a person who has twice been convicted of a violation of Ohio’s elections laws is permanently barred from voting in Ohio.
  • An otherwise qualified person convicted of a misdemeanor may vote, and an otherwise qualified person who had been convicted of a felony may register and vote while on probation or parole, or after completing his or her jail or prison sentence.
  • The voter registration of a person who is incarcerated on a felony conviction is cancelled; once that person has completed his or her jail or prison sentence, or is on probation, parole or community control, he or she must re-register to vote by the registration deadline before voting.

Now that you know, if you need to re-register to vote click here