Howse 2Welcome to the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus (OLBC) website. At 52 years old we are the oldest legislative black caucus in the nation. We have a proud history of legislative advocacy and pay homage to all members, past and present, who without we could not stand before you today.

Our theme during 2019/2020 is #BuildUpBlackFamilies in that when black families in Ohio succeed all families in Ohio will succeed. Our 2019/2020 Legislative Agenda furthers this as we focus on Criminal Justice, Education, Economic Justice/ Development, Healthcare, and Voting Rights.

In 1967, the Honorable State Representative C.J. McLin with the help of his colleagues, the honorable William Mallory, the honorable William Bowen, the honorable Phale Hale, the honorable Thomas Hill, the honorable M. Morris Jackson, the honorable Troy James, and the honorable Larry Smith founded the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus formerly known as the Black Elected Democrats of Ohio (BEDO). The organization was founded in part to be a collective voice in the legislature and government, representing the needs of blacks and minorities across the state of Ohio.

Our establishment marked a new day in the Ohio Legislature when official assemblage of African American state senators and representatives collectively gathered with the objective to promote, foster and sponsor educational, civic, and political activities throughout the state particularly in its representative’s communities.

Over the past 52 years, OLBC’s achievements have included funding for medical research, creating the Ohio Minority Commission on Minority Health, Commission on African American Males, leading many charges of protecting voting rights and fighting for fair electoral maps, while making sure education is providing African Americans the opportunity to receive enlightenment at the highest level that they hope for, ensuring a brighter future for Ohio.

We the members of the 133rd General Assembly look forward to carrying on the tradition, meeting the present challenges before us, a blazing a promising path for those to follow us in the future. Remember as African Americans our history occurs more than a single month, rather 365 days a year.